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Recognize the Signs: 5 Characteristics of Heroin Addiction

Unfortunately, the reality of the disease of addiction results in a number of negative consequences. Most recently, the opioid epidemic, especially the rates of death from overdose, has been on a steady incline. One particularly dangerous opioid, heroin, has become increasingly treacherous due to the number of potent cutting agents arising in products available for […]

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Effects of Ritalin: Can Nonprescription Ritalin Alter Brain Chemistry?

Nonprescription and prescription Ritalin use is predominant among teens, young adults, and even children. Ritalin is intended to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teens. Ritalin in children is prescribed and it targets a child’s brain in a way that brings them to a normal state. However, more young adults, especially students, take […]

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How Organized Crime Relates to Addiction

By: Paige Hohmann The stigma of substance abuse and addiction misinforms individuals that only violence, crime, and negativity arise from whoever is involved in the trade. However, the connection between drugs and violence does not only pertain to the individual suffering from addiction. The connection between drugs and violence is more widely spread in individuals […]

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Drinking and Driving Do Not Mix: Here Are Options to Consider

“Don’t drink and drive.” It’s sage advice that is simple, familiar, and effective—when it’s followed. But that’s the problem. Too many people continue to ignore the advice and drink and drive after having too many glasses. The message is not getting through. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every day, 28 people […]

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