Drug Detox

Prolonged use of drugs and/or alcohol can develop a physical dependence, making recovering from addiction difficult. When you attempt to stop abusing substances cold turkey, immediate withdrawal symptoms can be triggered that might be too painful or dangerous to handle on your own. Entering a drug detox treatment center helps avoid this danger and instead surrounds you with a medically supervised and controlled environment. Whether you are an inpatient or outpatient client, drug detox centers will treat you using medical professionals, equipment, and proven methods to help in the pathway to recovery. These medical facilities will administer appropriate replacement medications to substitute your substance dependence and help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms through the detoxification process.

You will be closely monitored so that you can safely withdraw from drugs and/or alcohol. The goal is to have a relatively smooth and painless detox so that you are encouraged to enter rehab treatment afterward to continue the journey to sobriety. Individuals suffering from substance abuse are more likely to address the issues and causes of their addiction after drug detoxing because their focus will be more on their recovery and less on withdrawal. However, those who do not seek treatment from a drug detox center are more prone to relapses once withdrawal symptoms kick in, even while attending support group meetings. By receiving medical help from a drug detox center, you can get a substantial footing into recovery and truly begin a new life.

Top Reasons to Consider a Drug Detox Program

  • Medical Supervision

    Drug detox centers advocate to never leave clients unsupervised throughout their detoxification process so that withdrawal symptoms can be regulated and kept to a minimum. Maintenance medication will be provided to alleviate pain and gradually reduce dependence.

  • Help with Treatment

    People who enroll in and complete a drug detox treatment center program before going to rehab have higher chances of a successful recovery. Being medically supervised throughout the withdrawal process lets you focus on coping techniques and change during rehab.

  • Catering to Physical and Mental Needs

    Every situation varies, so detoxification methods aren't necessarily identical. Drug detox centers will administer appropriate medications, dosages, and lengths to fit your physical needs so that withdrawal symptoms involve as little pain and discomfort as possible.

  • Inviting Atmosphere

    Most people are afraid of quitting substance abuse because of how painful withdrawal symptoms can be. However, at a drug detox center, you are not alone. Withdrawal is hard to endure but not impossible. With support and supervision, you will be able to get through it.

Is a Drug Detox Center Right for Me?

It is recommended that if you have been using drugs and/or alcohol for prolonged periods of time, you should seek out drug detox centers. The length and severity of your substance abuse are important factors to consider for recovery. Depending on the person’s physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms can range from minor headaches to trembling, vomiting, and sharp pain throughout their body. Individuals with minor, recreational addictions might not need to go through a drug detox center as a person who has been abusing a substance continuously for several years. Every case is different, however, you should address how heavily you are using a substance to determine if you need the extra assistance of a drug detox treatment center before rehab.

Should you decide to enter a drug detox center, there are two methods of treatment programs: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient programs are offered to people with addictions to “heavy” drugs, such as heroin, alcohol and multiple substances, or who have medical issues. Clients are under the constant care of trained medical staff, who will monitor their detoxification process and administer maintenance medication for withdrawal symptoms. Detox is a 24-7 treatment program, which allows all clients to be safe and recover in a medically appropriate setting.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

If your substance abuse addiction is not as severe but still requires medical assistance, then you have the option enlist in an outpatient drug detox program. Outpatient programs allow you to seek treatment in a drug detox center during the day and return to your home in the evening, allowing for flexible schedules. This is only recommended for individuals who are considered low-risk cases and have a safe environment to return home to so that their addictions won’t be triggered once they leave the supervision of the drug detox center. Whichever program you decide to enroll in, you will be provided with supportive professionals who will patiently and safely guide you through your addiction and treat your health concerns.