Our Alumni Family

Get Support After Treatment

Delphi Behavioral Health Group has facilities all over the United States with people successfully completing treatment on a daily basis. Rather than see them off with our best wishes, we want to give those who enter treatment with Delphi the opportunity to stay connected to us and their newfound support network for years to come. Through our growing alumni program, you can keep up the ties you’ve made with your friends, mentors, and peers in recovery.

This not only gives you access to countless sober activities to fill your time, but it also demolishes one of the most significant barriers to long-term recovery: isolation. By regularly surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you are held accountable in your sobriety.

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Here’s What To Expect When You Are A Delphi Alumni Member

  • Regular ongoing aftercare meetings such as 12 steps, SMART Recovery, or Refuge Recovery
  • Fun quarterly group activities (Think barbeques, bowling, paintball and much more!)
  • Access to our vibrant and supportive social media groups
  • Access to resources and crisis intervention when you need it
  • Opportunities to give back such as volunteer events
  • Advice and networking support in seeking employment
  • Opportunities to be in a Leadership role in our Alumni Committee

Alumni Benefits

Staying Connected

Sometimes the people that understand you best are the ones going through similar circumstances. The relationships formed in the treatment process are a special bond and often turn into lifelong friendships. Joining our alumni network is the best way to further develop those connections.

Relapse Prevention

We’ve seen first-hand that people who join the alumni network have greater success in preventing relapses. Staying connected with others increases accountability and helps in avoiding a sense of isolation, which can lead to relapses.

Giving Back

Our alumni programs allow you to not only strengthen your recovery process but also help others on their journey. We develop clients to take on the sponsor roles to help teach and guide those that have only just begun to fight their addictions.

Get Involved

Learn Why Our Alumni Program Is Special

Alumni Programs often schedule outings that foster an environment of recovery while also having fun. Teaching clients that sobriety isn’t boring is important, because recovery must remain attractive for addicts and alcoholics — especially in the beginning.

Check out our Real Recovery video series to meet some of the Alumni who make up our program.

Meet Our Alumni

Below Are Just A Few Of The Great People That Make Up Our Family.

Meet Damian

Damian is an alumnus from Pathway to Hope, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. This is his recovery story. Living in Vegas, Damian got caught up in the party lifestyle and found himself chasing the next thing that he thought would make him happy. After the partying became too much, he decided to seek help at Pathway to Hope. Now that he’s nearing his first year sober, Damian reflects on all the benefits he enjoys from being an alumnus of Pathway to Hope and being connected to the recovery community to help maintain his long-term sobriety.

Rick E.

Rick E. is an alumnus from Family Recovery Specialists, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. Rick originally thought his family was the problem. He lived in denial because in his mind, he did not fit the stereotype of someone battling addiction.  “I came here initially for my son, and I wound up taking care of myself. I found hope here. I found the pathway to sobriety here,” Rick says.

Meet Anelia

Anelia is an Alumnus from Ocean Breeze Recovery, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. After coming to the realization that she needed to be treated for her addiction problem in order to save her life and family, Anelia was able to seek help from professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery. Anelia was able to completely change her life, save her marriage and improve her relationships with her children.

Meet Del

Twenty years ago, Del noticed her husband acting strangely. She discovered his stash of heroin and wanted to understand what was affecting her marriage. It only took one time to try the drug to start her own addiction. She found a path to a better life at The Palm Beach Institute. “Before Delphi, I had lost the complete will to live. Now, my life is great. I actually love myself,” Del said. Substance abuse can feel like a dark place with no way out. But at a Delphi facility, trained staff can point the way forward.

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