It is refreshing to find a company that is ethical in its practices and operates facilities that offer the care needed for recovery. – Brian L., a Delphi Referring Partner

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Delphi is a leader in addiction treatment. We operate a nationwide network of facilities that allows us to offer both local and destination treatment options. We offer detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs that are covered by most major insurance policies.

We’re here to help your clients live a life free from addiction. By building relationships with professionals and being a partner for referrals, we can help as many people as possible.

We make your job easier by always being accessible and dependable. Admit your patient to one of our highly accredited facilities in under 24 hours.

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All Delphi facilities have received the Gold Seal of Approval® from the Joint Commission.

Why Partner with Delphi

  •  We accept most major insurance plans.
  •  We offer the full continuum of care.
  •  We offer local and destination treatment options.
  •  We are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission.
  •  Fast response – you’ll hear from us within 15 minutes.
  •  We are headquartered in FL and NJ.
  •  We have a dedicated client experience team, ensuring top-notch customer service.
  •  We have an easy, one-step referral process and same-day admittance.
  •  We put the patient first — our executive management is clinician-run.
  •  We operate two intake centers, providing 24/7 care, 365 days of the year.

Our Referral Process

  • Once you get in contact with your local treatment representative, you’ll be asked for the patient’s demographic and insurance information.
  • Our treatment representatives will reach out to the patient for a comprehensive over-the-phone assessment. We will also review the patient’s medical records to determine the best placement among our clinical facilities.
  • We will work with the patient to arrange for travel to the facility and a bed-to-bed transfer.
  • The patient will be successfully admitted as a client to a Delphi facility for substance abuse treatment.

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More than 94 percent of our clients across all of our facilities responded that they were pleased with our clinical staff.

Delphi offers all levels of care throughout our national network.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We offer the full continuum of care, which entails multiple levels of treatment that act as a “step-down” process for clients. The continuum of care means that a program begins with the most intensive level of treatment. As a subject progresses through their program, they are delegated more privileges. This process allows them to re-acclimate to regular life in sobriety.


Delphi’s programs are designed to help clients through each step of the recovery journey, from the first time they enter our doors for detox to the time they leave once treatment is completed. In fact, more than 94 percent of our clients across all of our facilities responded that they were pleased with our clinical staff.

We offer scientific, evidence-based approaches that encompass the full continuum of care. These programs are designed to address clients at the most primary level of need, administering services to help them get to the root or underlying cause(s) of substance abuse through clinical treatment methods.

The care and attentiveness we provide do not end once a client leaves treatment. Our aftercare and alumni groups provide clients — past and present — a supportive and inspiring recovery community. With more than 92 percent of clients saying that they would recommend our programs to their friends in recovery, our community continues to grow every day.

We also offer maintenance programs designed to act as a follow-up to treatment, providing people in recovery with another layer of support. The primary objective in all that we do is to provide our clients with a chance to realize sustained, meaningful recovery and wellness.


All of Delphi’s facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent, nonprofit body that ensures health care facilities provide clients with safe, high-quality care that meets industry standards. Delphi facilities are also licensed in their respective states, which is all part of our dedication to the Joint Commission’s National Safety Goals.


Delphi has devised a transparent, streamlined, and simple admissions protocol that allows for a desirable verification of the benefits process and same-day admittance. All clients who enter our doors will undergo a biopsychosocial assessment that examines a client’s biological, psychological, and sociological needs.

A licensed therapist will work with the client to customize a treatment plan that focuses on their needs and requirements. All Delphi facilities have follow-up protocols to ensure patients have the best resources available to them post-treatment.


Delphi-affiliated treatment centers accept most major insurance carriers, including Aetna, Anthem, Centene, Cigna, Humana, and Wellpoint (WLP). We also offer alternative payment options such as flexible, full, or partial payment plans to make accredited, comprehensive, high-quality treatment more affordable and feasible.

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