We’ve helped thousands of people recover from drug and alcohol addiction and create a better life. The best part of our job is seeing our clients turn into proud alumni. Every person has a unique journey and a unique story to tell. This is your chance to hear what they think about their Delphi experience, in their own words. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, give us a call at [phone].



Suffering from anxiety and insomnia in her early 30’s, Anelia became addicted to sleeping pills and benzodiazepines after being prescribed by her doctor. With a high tolerance for sleeping pills, she started to have withdrawal seizures. After realizing that she needed to be treated for her addiction in order to save her life and family, Anelia was able to seek help from professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility.

Anelia was able to completely change her life, save her marriage, and improve her relationships. This is Anelia’s story.

Del M: Delphi Alumni Stories

Substance Abuse Addiction & Treatment

Del is an alumnus from The Palm Beach Institute, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. This is her recovery story.

Twenty years ago, Del noticed her husband acting strangely. She discovered his stash of heroin and wanted to understand what was affecting her marriage. It only took one time to try the drug to start her own addiction. She found a path to a better life at The Palm Beach Institute.

“Before Delphi, I had lost the complete will to live. Now, my life is great. I actually love myself,” Del said.

Substance abuse can feel like a dark place with no way out. But at a Delphi facility, trained staff can point the way forward.

Andy K: Delphi Alumni Stories

Prescription Painkiller Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment

Andy’s addiction started a little later in life. When he was 26 years old, Andy had some procedures done and was prescribed painkillers. Over the following six years, his use of opioids gradually slipped into addiction. By the time he was 33, Andy was completely addicted and says he was barely surviving when he finally decided he needed help.

Andy contacted Delphi Behavioral Health Group, and he is so grateful that he did. He has rebuilt his relationship with his daughter, made amends with his friends, and is more involved with his family.

Andy K. is an alumnus from Ocean Breeze Recovery and this is his recovery story.

Tommi Sue: Delphi Alumni Stories

Drug Addiction & Treatment

When Tommi Sue was 13 years old, she became friends with a neighbor who introduced her to marijuana and alcohol. As the years went on, experimentation escalated, and she began to try harder drugs such as cocaine, mescaline, angel dust, etc.

Gradually, she began to fall deeper into the stages of addiction. Buying pills off the street, lying to her daughter, and manipulating her husband became the norm. She detoxed in New Jersey but relapsed from prescribed medications shortly after.

Tommi Sue attended a 30-day treatment program, and after 35 years of substance abuse, she is finally free from addiction. An Ocean Breeze alumni, Tommi Sue has been sober for three years.

Justin K: Delphi Alumni Stories

Substance Abuse Addiction & Treatment

Justin was first introduced to drugs and alcohol when he was 14 years old. This slowly progressed to pills when he was 19. From this point, it began to spiral out of control.

After being arrested several times and attempting detox only to relapse shortly after, Justin finally hit rock bottom.

He initially chose a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility because his insurance accepted it. “Delphi definitely has a special place in my heart. What makes Delphi special is the people… the genuine caring people that work there, who actually wanted to see me succeed and do better.”

Justin K. is an alumnus from Pathway to Hope, and this is his recovery story.

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