Meet our Leadership Team

Dedicated to delivering the best patient care, our team of representatives has many years of experience between them. The Treatment Consultant team at Delphi walks you through the process from start to finish. Our goal is to make referrals as easy as possible so that you can breathe easy knowing your patient is in good hands.

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Mike Karl | Region: Northeast  | 609-746-2393

Michael Karl is a Senior Vice President at Delphi Behavioral Health Group. Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services and is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of New Jersey. He has worked in various management capacities in the addiction treatment field since he transitioned from banking in 1999. Various titles Michael has had include Operations Director, Marketing Director, Clinical Director, and Chief Operating Officer within various modalities and organizations. Michael’s well-rounded experience and commitment to addiction treatment make him well suited to his role as Senior Vice President at Delphi Behavioral Health Group.

“My job is centered on keeping the client first, creating and maintaining the systems that deliver optimal client care, and hiring therapists and clinicians who are client-centered.”

Michael’s mentors have included Charles Stucky and Riley Regan. “The men in this field who mentored me and role modeled excellence and professionalism marked by intuitive empathy will influence my decision making concerning client care and program development for perpetuity.” Michael understands that Delphi needs to continually scan the environment for changes in funding, innovations in best practices, and balancing both to maintain program integrity and excellence.

Patrick Downes | Region: New England | 860-485-442

Patrick works as the regional manager of business development in New England. He brings over 8 years of business development experience to Delphi Behavioral Health Group and has been an advocate for treatment and recovery in his own community of Providence, Rhode Island for the past 12 years. Patrick began working in the substance abuse field in 2007 and has held positions in nearly every facet of treatment. The mission at Delphi aligns with his personal beliefs on treatment and recovery and his passion for helping others is evident through his work to help individuals find hope and recovery.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys traveling with his wife, working on his golf game, and seeking out the best espresso every city has to offer.

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