What to Expect

If a client is entering a treatment center for the first time, it’s not uncommon for them to experience some anxiety. However, at Delphi Behavioral Health Group, we understand the nervousness that may come whenever a person takes a large step in their life. To ease the treatment process, we provide several amenities and accommodations so you don’t have to worry about it, leaving you time to focus directly on treatment and therapy sessions.

The main focus of our treatment and detox facilities is using proven clinical approaches to provide you with thorough care in a relaxed environment. Once you choose the treatment center you would like to enroll in, our medical staff is on call 24-7 to assist you with all medical concerns and help formulate the right treatment program to follow.

At Delphi Behavioral Health Group, our nationally known addiction and detox specialists are among the most experienced in the country. By surrounding clients with a warm atmosphere, we allow room for you to grow as a person and to form fulfilling bonds with others, which will give you strength in life after treatment. Research has also shown that one of the most positively viewed—and unexpected—results from our treatment centers are the lifelong friendships and bonds created within them. Many believe friendships made in sobriety and in treatment last an eternity.

Why Delphi?

By choosing one of our treatment and detox centers located across the country, we provide different options and programs to help those suffering from the destructive disease of addiction by several different means. Our staff is dedicated to excellence in client care and service.

Our Facilities

At Delphi Behavioral Health Group, we offer different programs for those who are truly seeking an escape from their addiction. We provide all the equipment you need in turning your life around and to begin your journey out of addiction and into recovery. With our highly trained addiction specialists, we provide a series of different facilities, programs, and residences that were created to assist those undergoing some type of treatment.