Cartels, China, or Neighbors: Where Do Opioids Come From?

Where Do Opioids Come From

By: Megan Hesse By now, there are few people within the United States who are unaware of the opioid epidemic that, despite national measures being taken to stem the rate of overdose deaths, continues to ravage the country. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016 opioids were responsible for […]

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5 Things Kate Spade’s Death Reminds Us About Mental Illness

Kate Spade

By: Shannon Rountree A purple Kate Spade bag was my first post-graduate purchase and the beginning of my business professional wardrobe. I could not contain my excitement when the direct deposit went through that first payday at my new job. My purses and handbags were always hand-me-downs and thrift store finds up to this point, […]

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Anthony Bourdain, Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain

By: Sebastian Gonzalez TV celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead today in his hotel room in Strasbourg, France. Bourdain was in the midst of filming an episode for the 11th season of his CNN series: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. He was found unresponsive Friday morning by friend and chef Eric Ripert. According to CNN, […]

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Can Cocaine Kill You?

Can Cocaine Kill You

By: Kamran Shpoon To answer this question simply, yes. Cocaine use can directly lead to fatalities. While cocaine use can kill you, there are several things to take into consideration when it comes to determining if cocaine has the capability to kill someone. The chemical makeup of cocaine plays a large role in the effects […]

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Can Sleep Aids and Stimulants be Gateway Drugs?

Sleep Aids and Stimulants

By: Alyssa Harbina College life is a wonderful experience for young adults. Meeting new people, finding independence, and taking a massive step into adulthood are all parts of college that teens look forward to each year. However, despite all of the fun and exciting aspects of heading off to school, many students are surprised when […]

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Steroid Use in College Athletics

Steroid Use in College Athletics

By: Megan Hesse It is an objective truth that we as a society are obsessed with competitive sports to the point where they permeate our culture to an astonishing degree. This is true of not only the United States, where the Super Bowl is a major national event but also of the world in general, […]

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Screening for Substance Abuse? There’s an App for That

Screening For Substance Abuse

By: Megan Hesse The United States is a country in the throes of an addiction crisis that has shown few signs of stopping. Currently, opioid overdoses alone claim more than 115 lives per day. Roughly 1 in 7 Americans are grappling with substance use disorders, overshadowing common health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and […]

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What Are 5 Benefits of Limiting Alcohol Consumption?

Alcohol Consumption

By: Paige Hohmann You may have heard that alcohol can serve a few benefits to the heart, however, the benefits certainly do not outweigh the risks—especially if you drink often. Alcohol consumption, from moderate to severe, poses a threat to your body, wallet, and the ability to perform daily tasks. There have probably been times […]

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Recognize the Signs: 5 Characteristics of Heroin Addiction

Characteristics of Heroin Addiction

By: Paige Hohmann Unfortunately, the reality of the disease of addiction results in a number of negative consequences. Most recently, the opioid epidemic, especially the rates of death from overdose, has been on a steady incline. One particularly dangerous opioid, heroin, has become increasingly treacherous due to the number of potent cutting agents arising in […]

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What is the Federal Controlled Substances Act?

Controlled Substances Act

By: Joseph Raspolich If you have ever wanted to know the legality of a specific psychoactive substance, you may have run into a term like “Schedule I” or maybe the acronym CSA. These both refer to the federal Controlled Substances Act, which is a law that outlines the United States government’s policies surrounding both legal […]

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