What is the Federal Controlled Substances Act?

Controlled Substances Act

By: Joseph Raspolich If you have ever wanted to know the legality of a specific psychoactive substance, you may have run into a term like “Schedule I” or maybe the acronym CSA. These both refer to the federal Controlled Substances Act, which is a law that outlines the United States government’s policies surrounding both legal […]

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Going Back to College in Recovery

going back to college in recovery

By: Alyssa Harbina When we enter recovery, most of us don’t know what to expect. We all know that life will be different than it ever was before, but how? Many of us did not know what it was like to live sober for a minute, let alone for weeks, months, and even years. But, […]

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How the Film Industry Affects Students’ Expectations About College Life

film industry affects students' expectations

By: Alyssa Harbina Starting college is an exciting time in any young adult’s life. The transition from childhood to adulthood commences its final stage, and the promise of independence is alluring to most. Leaving the metaphorical nest and heading off to university has long been considered the hallmark of maturity. That said, many young adults […]

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College Binge Drinking: Does It Lead to Alcohol Addiction?

college binge drinking

By: Elysia L. Richardson College drinking culture can be numbing, dangerous, and deadly. It’s numbing because watching someone “get wasted,” or have too much to drink, raises few eyebrows and is considered nothing out of the ordinary in some circles. It’s dangerous because high-risk drinking is unhealthy for the drinker. Poor drinking habits can bring […]

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Are There Different Kinds of Drunk?

different kinds of drinking

By: Alyssa Harbina Plenty of people believe that what kind of alcohol they drink will dictate how their night is going to go. Tequila is going to result in a wild blur of a night, but if they start drinking gin, they’ll be on the floor in tears before long. This is a long standing […]

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5 Tips on Fighting Relapse on Campus

relapse on campus

By: Alyssa Harbina College is an exciting time for millions of people each year. It is also a trying time for many of these students who are in recovery. College is almost synonymous with binge drinking and trying a variety of different drugs. It’s an experimental period for many people, and statistically, the stereotype of […]

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The Link Between Alcohol and Sexual Assault in College

alcohol and sexual assault in college

College is a time of vast change for young adults across the country and around the world. With a newfound freedom comes the chance to explore an entirely new realm of possibilities associated with crossing the bridge from childhood into the trenches of adulthood. These can very well be the defining moments in a person’s […]

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Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate | Substance Abuse in Older Adults

substance abuse in older adults

By: Shannon Rountree The president of ESPN and co-chairman of the Disney Media Networks, John Skipper, stepped down from his position on Monday due to a substance abuse problem. “I have decided that the most important thing I can do right now is to take care of my problem,” Skipper said in a statement. Skipper, […]

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Organized Crime vs. Addiction | Misconception, Drugs, and Violence

drugs and violence

By: Paige Hohmann The stigma of substance abuse and addiction misinforms individuals that only violence, crime, and negativity arise from whoever is involved in the trade. However, the connection between drugs and violence does not only pertain to the individual suffering from addiction. The connection between drugs and violence is more widely spread in individuals […]

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How to Cope with Depression and Anxiety in College

depression and anxiety in college

By: Alyssa Harbina It’s no secret that college students are some of the most stressed people on the planet. From grueling class schedules, deadlines, acclimating to independence, and somehow maintaining employment and a social life, it can easily become overwhelming. Perhaps it is this perfect storm that better explains why college students are one of […]

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