About Us

Delphi Behavioral Health Group was created with the goal of treating addiction at its essential core through comfortably appointed facilities. We offer those suffering from substance abuse the tools to turn their lives around. We understand how difficult it can be to battle addiction alone and how hard it can be to choose the treatment center for you. Our staff is ready to help you through this time.

We operate a variety of detox and treatment programs to assist our clients with their individual needs. Our staff is trained to address the challenges that arise during addiction treatment. Each treatment center is equipped with licensed professionals who follow our philosophy on addiction care. All of our facilities have a high clinician to low patient ratio, along with comprehensive treatment solutions including cognitive and behavioral therapies, aftercare services, and relapse prevention. Delphi offers the clinical treatment necessary to combat subsequent relapse and improve clinical outcomes while also providing a comfortable and relaxing environment.

What We Do

At Delphi Behavioral Health Group, we aim to succeed in treating those suffering from addiction by using proven and up-to-date methods. Our facilities offer various treatment, detox, and residential programs. Our credentialed professionals are ready to handle any medical and behavioral challenges that may arise due to an individual's addiction. We provide our clients with the tools they need to start their life in recovery.

  • Latest Methods

    At Delphi Behavioral Health Group, we utilize up-to-date cognitive behavioral therapies and information regarding addiction treatment and detoxification while strengthening our personal ties to each individual client. As our therapeutic methods and relapse prevention education continue to develop, our clients will have the information they need to maintain sobriety in their lives.

  • People First

    With our people-first principles, we place our clients' needs above all else. We understand how difficult the entire treatment process can be, so our staff is available 24-7 to help.

  • Luxury and Comfort

    Our facilities offer some of the nation's most luxurious treatment experiences. We have created a relaxing and inviting environment by taking a minimalistic approach when designing our facilities. This allows our clients to have fewer distractions and interruptions, which in turn allow them to focus on their treatment programs and therapy sessions. With amenities available on call, we ensure a comfortable and welcoming experience at all of our locations.

Our Principles

Delphi Behavioral Health Group offers a family of programs to best suit each individual regardless of the stage of their addiction. Our medically trained professionals and friendly staff are trained to handle any and all medical and behavioral challenges that may arise due to addiction in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Team

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