Naltrexone is a drug that has been approved for use in the treatment of both opioid addiction and alcoholism.

Though it can be taken by pill, people who are seeking to use the drug as a method of staving off relapse are often given the drug in the form of a once-monthly injection. Injectable naltrexone is most commonly used in populations that may have a hard time taking a pill daily or would like to avoid relapse during a transition period, such as after being released from jail.

It is not common for people to try to buy the drug online unless they legitimately need it and are trying to stay sober. It is important to note that while naltrexone can be effective in helping someone stay sober when its use is supervised by a medical professional, it is not a “cure” for addiction and should not be self-administered.

If you are looking for ways to stop drinking or using opioids, reach out to substance abuse treatment professionals who can help you to determine the safest and most effective path forward.

Is It Possible to Buy Naltrexone Online?

Yes. There are reputable online pharmacies that can make naltrexone available to those with a prescription, filling it legally and efficiently. However, far more online pharmacies sell drugs of any kind illegally, putting the patient who legitimately needs the drug at risk.

Illegal doesn’t just mean against the law. It often means selling a pill that is not what it is expected to be, even if it looks exactly like the original.

What are the Risks of Buying It Online?

One of the biggest risks of buying naltrexone online is the fact that there is no cohesive international effort to manage illicit drug sellers who reside in one country or multiple countries and harm people around the world with their counterfeit goods. This means that websites can pop up overnight, purporting to be based in the United States or Canada but have IP addresses that originate somewhere else. These sites go up and down without warning; some have contact information while others do not.

What they send to customers may be an expired version of the drug, packs of pills that are damaged due to extreme temperatures or exposure to toxins, or counterfeit pills made from the cheapest possible substances that do absolutely nothing at all or that are deadly with a single-use. The primary risk is that there is no way to know exactly what is in the pills that are sold online in illegal pharmacies. This means that patients who genuinely need naltrexone to avoid relapse will not have the protection they need. This is the best case when compared to the worst-case: receiving a pill that looks like naltrexone but is actually fentanyl, or another deadly synthetic drug or toxic chemical that will trigger a medical emergency.

How to Avoid the Risks

If it is difficult to get naltrexone from a brick-and-mortar pharmacy due to proximity or pain, it is always an option to ask your doctor for a monthly injection that will negate the need for pills. If pills are preferred, you can also check with your doctor and ask for a recommendation for a reputable online pharmacy or local establishment that delivers medication by mail or in person.

If there is no option for mail or other delivery from a local pharmacy, then it is important to investigate any potential source of online naltrexone.

  • Confirm contact information by reaching out by phone or email. If there is no contact information, this is a red flag. Fewer than half of online pharmacies provide all necessary contact info, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
  • Only choose a pharmacy that requests verification of a medical prescription for the requested medication.
  • Double-check that the patient information and prescription information are all complete and correct. With most illegal pharmacies, they are not.
  • Use a naltrexone test to check for the presence of naltrexone in the pills that are sent to you. If you can, use a few other tests as well, especially for fentanyl. This deadly synthetic opioid is commonly substituted in counterfeit drugs.

It is legal to purchase naltrexone from an online business as long as that business is legitimate and above board, and your prescription is legitimate as well. Double-check with the prescribing physician if you have any concerns about how best to get the pills you need to stay healthy.

It is unlikely that you will be arrested for purchasing naltrexone online unless it is under pretenses. That is, if you do not have a prescription for the drug or are trying to purchase naltrexone to resell it on the black market locally, you are at risk, legally speaking. Because there is little to no chance of abusing the drug, it is not as closely monitored as other prescription medications might be.

However, you are not free from legal consequences if the drug is purchased illegally.

Alternative Options

It is possible to find a legitimate online pharmacy, provide them a copy of a legal prescription for naltrexone, purchase the medication in the amount prescribed, and reasonably expect that the drug that arrives will contain naltrexone and nothing else.

However, if the goal is to get naltrexone illegally to self-medicate an addiction and try to stay sober without the support of a detox and addiction treatment program, the use of naltrexone will not be a safe choice, no matter where it was purchased.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or any opioid drug, naltrexone may be an important part of recovery, but your best chance at a new, sober life starts with connecting with an effective treatment program.

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