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  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hosptialization Services
  • Intensive Outpaitent Programs
  • Transitional Living
  • Addiction recovery family programs
  • Aftercare Programs
  • Active Alumni Network
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About The Palm Beach Institute

Tucked away on the sandy shores of West Palm Beach, The Palm Beach Institute has the distinction of being South Florida’s first private addiction treatment program. The Palm Beach Institute has been dedicated to helping thousands of adults and adolescents recover from drug and alcohol addiction for nearly fifty years. In addition to providing the highest standard of inpatient care, we also offer nutritional guidance, family-focused recovery programs, connections with transitional living, aftercare programs, and an alumni program.

Transitional living provides a safe and supportive environment for residents to implement the skills they learned in treatment while slowly transitioning back into their normal lives and routines. Our alumni program provides a network of support and advocacy for post-treatment scenarios such as finding housing or applying for jobs. As a member of the Delphi family of facilities, we are committed to being there for every step of the addiction recovery process.

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