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  • Detox Services - Yes
  • Inpatient Treatment -Yes
  • Residential Treatment - Yes
  • Case Management - Yes
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About Arete Recovery

Arete Recovery offers detox services and a residential living program to ensure our clients get the best care they can as they begin their initial steps to recovery from substance abuse. We understand how critical this time is and believe the more structure and support clients have, the better their chances are of remaining sober and drug-free.

Arete Recovery uses a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the physical, emotional, psychological, and social needs while in treatment. Our comfortable and relaxed setting helps puts clients at ease and promotes a focus on healing. While in detox at Arete, you will receive 24-hour, high-quality medical care from our nursing staff as you manage withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, opioids (oxycodone, heroin, fentanyl) or benzodiazepines (such as Xanax and Klonopin), and designer drugs (such as MDMA or Ecstasy).

Entering a quality treatment program is typically the next step after detox is completed, and our seamless process has made it easy for you to take it. Our inpatient treatment program allows you to participate fully in therapies offered to those who are in our residential treatment program, which is where our clients address the roots of their addiction and build the foundation for a sustainable recovery program that works for them.

Arete Recovery was created with people battling addiction in mind. We know how difficult the journey to addiction recovery can be. Let us help you through it.

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