As the first and most respected private addiction treatment center in South Florida, The Palm Beach Institute offers a seamless continuum of care including detoxification services, residential rehabilitation, and comprehensive discharge planning. Since 1970, The Palm Beach Institute has been on the cutting edge of addiction treatment services, providing group, family, and individual therapy, along with holistic and non-intrusive medical services. Their treatment services provided are highly effective in targeting the root problem behind all types of addictions. Alongside treatment therapies and services, a comprehensive and medically safe detox is provided, if needed, under the supervision of the state’s top medical professionals.

The Palm Beach Institute has helped over 12,000 adults and adolescents to recover from their addiction and regain sobriety throughout its distinguished 40-year history. Their multi-disciplinary approach honors the diversity of individuals who struggle with addiction. Every client they treat is a distinct individual arriving with a unique combination of life experience, addiction history, culture, and outlook. This is why The Palm Beach Institute utilizes the idea of a team environment when curating substance abuse treatment plans and programs. Staff includes psychiatrists, family therapists, M.A. degree level counselors, social workers, and certified chemical dependency professionals in order to understand each client and deliver a highly beneficial treatment experience.

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The Palm Beach Institute's professional and dedicated staff are experts in the treatment of addiction. Review all the services The Palm Beach Institute has to offer for anyone struggling with addiction.

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