Ocean Breeze Recovery is a dual-diagnosis treatment center based in South Florida. It utilizes a client-centered philosophy to ensure that every individual is able to recover at their own pace through effective treatment programs. Because addiction can come in many shapes and forms, Ocean Breeze believes that addiction treatment plans should reflect an individual’s specific mental, physical, and spiritual state. Each phase of treatment focuses on a supportive environment and individual care to target the crux of addiction. Whether a client is battling addiction and mental illness or has multiple facets to their substance abuse, there are medical, clinical, and spiritual approaches that provide up-to-date addiction education and therapeutic counseling methods.

Ocean Breeze Recovery’s successful rehabilitation model brings a holistic approach to each client, making sure addiction treatment is relevant, relational, and responsible. Because everyone is different, treatment plans are created using the client’s individual addiction history. By establishing goals, learning coping techniques, and building relationships, each client can achieve and maintain recovery. Once the client takes responsibility for their actions, true progress can begin for personal growth. This is why Ocean Breeze caters its addiction treatment plans to revolve around the personal experiences and challenges each individual has faced.

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Ocean Breeze Recovery understands that the client's journey to recovery is unique and can go in various directions, which is why a variety of services is provided for addiction treatment programs. Depending on their needs, a client can choose from:

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