Addiction is a progressive and destructive disease that affects nearly 1 in every 12 US adults over the age of 18. The effects of it depend on the person’s age, sex, genetics, and other factors. Due to several other complex and different variables, treating addiction of any kind can be a difficult and intensive process. Elevate Recovery Center offers several options to effectively treat all forms of substance abuse.

Located in Orange County, California, Elevate Recovery Center offers individually tailored treatment programs that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Its goal is to effectively counter drug and alcohol abuse by attacking the source of the addiction. The center’s staff has been helping people throughout the country overcome their addictions—no matter how severe—for several years with their world-famous treatment programs, which have been designed to meet clients’ every single need. Most of the staff and alumni at Elevate Recovery Center have their own personal experiences with addiction, so they can relate to all clients who are facing similar challenges.

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Elevate Recovery Center's professional and dedicated staff are national experts in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Review all the services Elevate Recovery has to offer for the afflicted and their loved ones.

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