CHAT Vistas is about you and your positive experience of addiction treatment. We are honored to be an integral part of your recovery and your battle against addiction. Our goal is to help you achieve lasting sobriety and our compassionate staff works tirelessly with this mission in mind. We are here to provide you with the therapies and tools you need to overcome addiction through the guidance of our licensed and experienced staff.

Between our customized treatment therapies, luxury facility, ideal location, and top-of-the-line staff, we provide you with a socially positive and comfortable atmosphere geared toward you as a unique individual. Our treatment methods are designed to be a catalyst for change and lay the foundation for a successful future in recovery.

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The treatments and modalities here at California Highlands Vistas are designed to help you alter the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to addiction in the first place. By treating the root of addiction, we work alongside you to achieve the goal of lasting sobriety. We offer:

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