While there are valid pharmacies that sell prescription medications online, there are many more scam websites looking to sell fake varieties. You can buy Valium online safely, but only from a licensed pharmacy that is based in the U.S.

Online pharmacies that are marketing low-cost brand-name medications are often illegitimate companies that are attempting to take advantage of people in need or to fuel illicit abuse of these medications. If you purchase Valium from one of these outlets, the results can be very harmful.


Valium is a brand name for the benzodiazepine diazepam.

At one time, it was one of the most prescribed drugs in the world, but due to its high potential for abuse, it is no longer prescribed as readily as it once was.

Diazepam can be helpful in the short-term treatment of anxiety or insomnia, to address seizures, and to assist with alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal. It may also be used as an anesthetic or preanesthetic.


All products containing diazepam are controlled substances regulated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Diazepam products are in the Schedule IV category.This classification indicates that these drugs can be used for medical purposes, and also have a low potential for abuse and low risk for dependence.  Drugs in this category can only be legally obtained with a written prescription from a physician.

An Effort to Save Money

In the United States, medications are often expensive. This has led many individuals to search for cheaper sources for their prescription medication. They often turn to the internet.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) published a report in 2009 that identified issues with many of the online pharmacies advertised online.

  • More than half of the online sites were selling controlled substances despite recommendations from the DEA, NABP, the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other organizations not to buy controlled substances online.
  • Nearly all the sites did not require a valid prescription for medications that necessitate one, including controlled substances.
  • Slightly over three-quarters of the sites offered medications that were not approved by the FDA, or they offered foreign-manufactured substances that had questionable ingredients.
  • Nearly 40 percent of the online sites were selling controlled substances that were frequently related to overdose. This is due to being laced with the potent opioid drug fentanyl.

The most common controlled substance being offered with no prescription was the benzodiazepine Xanax, the cousin drug to Valium.

Manufacturing Standards and Overseas Manufacturers

The problem with buying drugs from overseas sites is that the standards used to manufacture the substances are not consistent with the manufacturing standards in the United States.

Many foreign manufacturers find it much easier to market counterfeit drugs. These are medications with the label of Valium, but they may not contain the right medication.

Benzodiazepines are often laced with other substances that can be dangerous or that produce no medicinal effect. They may create a numbing effect to make a person believe that they are actually taking the real drug.

Can You Test the Medication You Buy Online?

Testing privately purchased medications is not a simple process. There are a number of different analytical methods that vary in accuracy and cost. It is often too expensive and complicated for a private individual to attempt this.

Many of the home test kits sold online may not spot the type of dangerous components that are found in many counterfeit drugs. Home test kits will give the tester no idea of the dosage of the active medication in the drug, which is one of the most significant problems with buying medications online.

Verify the Source

If you plan to purchase medication online, NABP and the FDA recommend the following:

  • Never buy a controlled substance like Valium online unless the website has a  visible storefront operation in the U.S. Some well-known pharmacy chains sell prescription medications online.
  • Never buy prescription drugs like Valium from a site that does not require a prescription for them.

  • Never buy prescription drugs from a site that does not have a registered pharmacist in the U.S. who is available for questions and discussion.
  • Never attempt to buy extremely cheap medications online when there is the potential of purchasing them from an illegal source. There is usually a reason why these cheap medications are so inexpensive — they are most likely not legitimate.
    • VIPPS-accredited pharmacies go through a verification process from NABP before they can apply for VIPPS accreditation. These pharmacies are safe sources of prescription medications.
    • NABP maintains a list of pharmacies that are not recommended due to engaging in policies and operations that are not consistent with standard pharmacy practice. Individuals should not buy medications from these sites.
    • The NABP website also has a section that provides a list of pharmacy sites as well as information to help a person spot illegitimate online pharmacies. It is strongly recommended that you check this out if you are considering buying any Valium online.NABP offers several links that can assist individuals in attempting to buy medications like Valium online.
  • It is always a good idea to use best practices before buying medication online. What you don’t know may hurt you.
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