Meet The Alumni Team

These alumni coordinators act as a point of contact for many newly recovering addicts who may need additional support during the difficult transition from treatment to the community at large. They also provide a person to reach out to should relapse occur and the client once again wishes to return to substance abuse treatment. They can easily and quickly get the client access to the help they need without having to start the search for treatment all over again.But Alumni Programs are also so much more! They will often organize events and activities and invite all alumni, or past clients, to participate! To get in touch with our team call (888) 265-5359.

Meet Gina Taylor

Florida Alumni Services

Gina joined Delphi Behavioral Health Group as an alumni coordinator in 2016. After owning and operating a salon and spa for 25 years in Minneapolis, and opening and running an eBay store selling precious metals in 2007, she decided to add a personal passion to her professional life. She joined the staff of a women’s treatment center, part-time, as a behavioral health tech/housing manager.

In 2013, Gina decided to move to Florida and commit 100 percent to the recovery field in her professional life. Her experience is predominantly in housing as a behavioral health technician since her move to Florida, and she has grown exceedingly in her passion.

When the opportunity to help clients establish long-term sobriety through an alumni program presented itself, she could not pass it up. Gina believes Alumni Services provides the missing connection and resources needed to build a solid foundation in that critical first year after a client is discharged from a treatment program.

She has completed her class studies to receive Certification in Addiction Counseling from the state of Florida. Gina brings more than 30 years of sobriety to the Alumni Services team, as her recovery journey started in 1987. In her personal time, Gina is involved in her recovery community and has multiple volunteer commitments with children and animals. But if you really need to find her, just look for her at the beach!

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